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Jul 08



There's a lot going on in the world. It can feel overwhelming. By expressing your opinion and sharing it with YWP in writing and visual art, you can begin to make sense of things, build a connection with others, and work toward positive change. Speak out! What's on your mind?

Apr 16

The Guns

"Bad guys will always get guns."

That's not the point, though, is it? Identity thieves will always find a way to hack your email, so what's the point of requiring a complicated password? Bank robbers will always hold up banks, so why lock the safes?

Because doing that makes it harder, it buys time for alarms to ring and attention to be drawn. Adding an extra layer of basic security keeps the local boy from trying to break into the village store. The point isn't to keep the "good guys" defenseless, but to keep the opportunist people from jumping on it.

This isn't a mythical James Bond villain acting out of the shadows, these are your co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family. They aren't gathering these materials illegally; they are acting within the confines of the law, and all the safeguards that were there have been disabled by security because the employees could set them off.
Mar 05
poetry, Opinion challenge: A.I.

Chat GPT Poem

This poem is not Chat GPT
I promise to convince you that
and I will attempt to convey
the human
sitting and picking the words
from cobweb corners where
computers can't find them.
there is a beating heart here
so perfectly tainted
it folds in on itself
in such a random pattern
that a computer would find it
but that is poetry
and I shake at the thought
that they could
tap this old tree
and write all the poems
we have left to write
clapping the erasers clean
til all the chalk-plume clouds
fade on the breeze
I'm begging
don't pick this lock
because we're all hiding in here
in the last room that you haven't found
drowning you out with typewriter keys
see now
have I not convinced you
it's me?
can you not hear my voice
as I whisper into your ear?
this is not a Chat GPT poem
Mar 03
Mr. Glazer's Class's picture

"One hundred years too soon"

"One hundred years too soon" 
A creative response to James Baldwin's
"Letter to My Nephew" 

By Grace
English 8
Crossroads Academy
Lyme, NH 
Mar 03
Mr. Glazer's Class's picture

"Wait has almost always meant never"

"Wait has almost always meant never"
A response to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's 
"Letter from Birmingham City Jail" 

By Aleksandra 
English 8
Crossroads Academy
Lyme, NH 
Feb 28

Hard Questions

Sometimes I have to ask myself hard questions. 
I almost never have an answer. 
I delve into the depths of my mind looking for clues, and always resurface with memories. 
Memories I'd rather forget. 
Memories that make me worry. 
Memories that never should have happened. 
Memories that make me cry. 
Once I remember one, I can't stop. They keep on coming until there's nothing left of me
But a puddle of memories on the floor of a darkened room. 
Sometimes all I wish for is to choose what memories to keep, and which should be buried away in my brain where even I can't find them. 
Sometimes that feels impossible. 
But I'll just have to keep trying, for there's nothing to do but carry on, 
Put on your hat, 
Drag your feet through the slushy snow
And face the day. 
Aug 06
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I stood at my bed, shoving my items into the tiny bag, laid out on the sheets. Calla stood at the doorway, tears silently falling down her face. She didn’t want me to know, but she was crying. 
“Can’t you stay?” Her voice wavered with every word.
“You know they’ll take me away if I do,” I told her, closing the bag.
“Maybe Papi can convince them to let you stay here -”
“That won’t happen.”
Feb 28

CJP logos

Jan 28
Opinion challenge: New Day
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America's Sunrise

For many, the inauguration of Joe Biden is seen as a close on the era of chaos. No longer does the man ruling our country use derogatory terms towards women and immigrants. No longer does the ever-climbing temperatures, and warnings of science go ignored and dismissed by a man who sees nothing but a price tag. No longer does the man in charge, spread nothing but lies to feed his ego and further sicken the easily misled and ever-growing population of the uneducated. 
Nov 29
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What Democracy Means To Me

This election showed that no matter how much somebody tries to undermine an election in the United States, it will remain fair and free. President Trump has tried to sue his way to another term as president of the United States, but America’s fair elections have (so far) prevailed. 

Democracy to me means that it is the people who elect their government. A democratic election cannot be won over by money, or claims with no basis or facts. A democratic election ensures that everybody can have a voice. If you are an adult, you can vote. Anybody can write letters or send an email to their representatives. 

Students at a school in Vermont wrote letters to their representatives and helped get a plastic bag ban bill passed and signed into law. 
Nov 18


It is time for more first
And now we finally have one 
And that gives me hope
Because the world needs more firsts 
Nov 01

Listen to me

I am living in chittenden county. 
Last month I could say "I'm proud to live here, where we are handling the virus appropriately." 
And now I say, "What? What happened?" 

but I know what happened. 
It has happened before; it will happen again. 

When you put people together, the virus can spread. Measures can be taken to prevent it, but one slip up means it can spread. 
And if it can, it will. It's like a 4 year old confronted with a cookie jar. 

I know you want to be invincible. 
You want people to see that you are brave. 
But really? 
Disobeying the new social construct when it comes to COVID guidelines isn't brave. Admitting that this virus is dangerous is brave. Wearing masks in public shows you care about other people. And we need you to care. More than that, we need you to show that you care.

I'm tired of seeing the numbers rise. But they're not just numbers. They are people.
Sep 24

Inaccurate valid Error

Your opinions aren't invalid.
in fact I think they are too valid,
So blatantly true that half the world might plug their ears,
Afraid of the truth.
And your statements aren't incorrect,
Just the opposite I feel,
They are too correct.
The slap in the face everyone is dreading,
Filled with cold seeping sorrow
From where the acceptance should be.
And I don't think your mindset is ignorant.
The exact reverse actually.
Too knowledgeable. 
Analytical, morally conscies, studied to a mastering level 
Of understanding.
The understanding people are too ignorant to understand.
Too shy to accept.
Your percent error must be inaccurate.
Because it is almost too flawless. 
It is so free of tangled errors people worry.
That percentage is so miniscule a microscope would need to squint to see it.
Because there is no error.
Sep 01


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Apr 13

Time for appreciation

Our lives have all changed. Nobody was expecting this and it has uprooted people everywhere all over the world. There are so many unknowns right now and so many things that are causing stress. But within the anxiety and uncertainty there is still hope and love. People all over the world are showing thier support and doing their part to fight back. Of course there are small things that people are doing and then there are those who are doing so much. The first responders, health care workers, grocery store employees and the teachers.

The teachers have all done so much to try and keep it normal for the students. They are trying to learn to adapt just as the rest of us. It has been just as hard on them as it has been on us. One of my teachers said, "I didn't become a teacher to see you through a screen." They are doing so much right now, providing support, food, so many things. They are truly remarkable people.
Apr 12
Opinion challenge: CJP-COVID19

One Bizarre Easter

This year there was no family feast.
The kitchen was deserted,
There was no cleaning in the least
The house was not converted.
We did not grab the extra chairs
Or find the doily thingies,
No one went the extra mile
with dresses ties and ribbons.
We didn't drive to church today
I miss the wooden pews.
We didn't wear uncomfortable
shiny Easter shoes.
Today we didn't hug and kiss
our families, friends and neighbor kids. 
We didn't hunt for Easter eggs
in the park around the bend.
This year our Easter was bizarre
All traditons ruined,
We Zoomed with family instead
To church we had to 'tune in'
And through it all
in yoga pants,
stuck at home awhile.
This Easter celebration was
a bizzare sort of style.

Apr 12
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15 words to describe me


Apr 08

Caspers Take- Blog on Climate Change 2050

What up its ya boi Casper, welcome to Caspers Take and I'm back with another video blog documenting mother earth in 2050!
So for todays video I will be looking back at when this climate issue my generation is currently dealing with, or suffering from, have your pick, and basically show everyone how its impacted the 2050 peeps. Ok- lets role the intro!

Wait. Oh, I don’t have an intro. OK we’ll just dive right in then.
Apr 06

15 words to describe me

The Office fan,
Ready for anything.
Feb 10
Opinion challenge: CJP-Society


It's yours.

We live in a world where expectations are high,
Forgetting how unique we are as individuals.

We live in a world of constant judgement,
Reminding us of our own insecurities. 

We live in a world of bias narratives, 
That craft the lives we live today.

We live as one,
walking our own paths.

We live as people,
guided by our own biases .

We need to be reminded that it's no one elses life.

It's yours.