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Aug 12

On God's God

When You told me You believed in god
I could not help but gawk at the thought.
In Your eyes, we are the will of our fates,
and I choose the word “fate” cautiously.
I do not think Your devotion is my destiny.
Yet, who am I to defy Your god's righteous bidding?
Who am I to defy Your allegiance to him?

One day, the birds were chirping for us.
You looked up dumbfounded but, in love,
similar to how You see right through me;
leaning into the comfort of Your religion.
Today, I am crippled by my existence,
and for aid, I seek You in a prayer.
My heart, once a devoted atheist,
now a believer waiting for a god to speak.
About the Author: Sawyer Fell
One day, when we are old, we will remember this. Maybe not as vividly, but we will know that everything we do is for the better.