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Jul 27



In the darkness, trouble stirs
Whispers louder grow
Trains howl into the night 
Below boards, breath is slow
Ignorance begets complacency
Indifference boils down to hate
Forgotten in the tides of age
Forgotten is the repetition of fate
A horror dismissed out of hand again
History cannot recall

What happened in 1941
Is enough to disturb us all
And in the night of naivete
Shivering winds will chill
Re-emerging from reddit chats
Symbols of hate designed to kill
When 6 million people are gone
And evil spreads across a land

To forget is a foul crime
And to remember is god's command
The morning must mount the sky 
We reckon with remembrance 
And though the deed is bloody and cruel
Never will we forget its semblance