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Jul 06
Sayornis p.'s picture


start slow, 
slow beat, walking slow,
look, look, look, you see it? yeah, 
that’s me, little dust spec 
    on this 
beach-ball-in-the-wind society;
(remind myself to breath, gaze up, be solid, feel the breeze, synths resound in time with      
         pounding feet 
       and memories)

speed up, swing
                                lead, sun-drenched anthems like relief 
                                and harmony, 
fluid movement to the rhythm of the bass drums,
                                                                             (can’t) wouldn’t flee
resonates through the air, vibrations in time with my 
                                                 full-steady heartbeat 
               sings like birds to the rising day, crests in my chest like a spring-blooming seed
i think it must be the language of the universe, listen as it speaks
can’t imagine anything else, can’t imagine being anything 
less than