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Jul 05

they/them/their fault

There's always someone on the wrong side 
it's their fault
They did it 
it's their problem
they don't know
why can't they be like us?
every day, we hear them
one tweet after another
one text after another
one voice shouting to drown out another 
a whirlwind of chaos;
everyone trying to be louder than their neighbor 
I'll never marry a republican 
women belong in the house
marriage is between a man and a woman
the planet isn't burning!
it's the kid's fault for being depressed
you were wearing a skirt, weren't you?
please, im on my knees
im begging you; you've broken my frame
you're not questioning to know
you're questioning to accuse 
there will always be someone you hate
and there will always be someone who hates you
something bad happens?
blame the other side and
make yourself the victim.
that's what you've been taught,
no one loves a criminal.
it's their fault
its THEIR fault
irs their FAULT

its not their fault 
it's ours

all of ours.