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Jul 05

For Teachers

  • We hope you find everything you need right here! 

Many of our young writers and artists tell us they first learned about Young Writers Project from their teachers. Thank you, teachers! Please continue to introduce your students to us: YWP is a free, supportive, online community of writers and visual artists, ages 12 to 18, who post their work on, connect with other teen creators, and get published. 

You do not need a “teacher’s account” on our website to take full advantage of all YWP has to offer. You may use all our creative resources, challenges, and project ideas free of charge for inspiration and lesson planning. And we no longer ask teachers to sign up for designated teacher accounts.
For teachers of students younger than 12, or students who do not have their own YWP accounts: You are encouraged to submit writing and visual art to YWP on behalf of your students. This gives them the opportunity to be published in our monthly digital magazine and annual anthology and with our Vermont media partners. A parental permission form is required for youth who are 12 and younger. SUBMIT BUTTON. Instead of submitting work from your previous teacher account, you may now submit individual students’ writing and visual art directly to the site using this form. 

For teachers of students who are 12-18 years of age: We deeply appreciate it when teachers tell students about the joys and rewards of YWP! Please invite your students who are 13 to 18 years of age to start their own accounts on The site is intended specifically for their age group. Students who are 12 are also welcome to join – with parental permission. Note that students who had accounts on our previous website and have been active on the site in the past three years, should be able to log in using their old username. They will be prompted to update their password.

Classroom signups: As teachers, you are always looking for ways to spark enthusiasm. We have found that the most successful outcomes for students and the overall YWP community happen when the individual chooses to join YWP on their own terms rather than as a classroom assignment. Rather than requiring all students in the class to sign up for accounts, we suggest giving them the option. They’re more likely to benefit from YWP and connect with other young writers and artists in the community if it’s their decision to join. As a member of this creative online community, they will have their own blogs and access to interactive forums, contests, and publication opportunities. Students who prefer not to join YWP can still use the challenges as inspiration for in-class projects.   

SITE HELP OR QUESTIONS: Contact Susan Reid, YWP executive director, [email protected]; (802) 324-9538

When submitting your students' work, you will fill out a separate content form for each student. We made it as streamlined as possible. Please make sure all fields are accurate and complete. The form includes space to paste in writing or upload photos. The student's information will not appear on the post on the YWP site, but it allows our staff to identify the author or artist for publication purposes in our digital magazine, annual anthology, and with our Vermont media partners.

STUDENTS 12 and YOUNGER MUST SUBMIT A PERMISSION FORM. Even if teachers are posting work on their behalf, students must have a parent or guardian approve their participation with YWP. The form can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] or mailed to:
Young Writers Project
47 Maple St., Suite 216
Burlington, VT 05401

CHALLENGES: You will find all our writing and visual art challenges in one central “Challenges” page: Weekly Challenges, Contests, Opinion, Great Artists, Great Poets, and ArtSpace prompts. For students with YWP accounts, they can click “Respond” on any challenge. They’re also free to post “freestyle” writing or visual art that is not attached to a challenge by clicking the Create button. Teachers may download the annual Weekly Challenges list from this page.
PUBLICATIONS: Every year, YWP publishes hundreds of pieces of exceptional writing and visual art in our annual anthology, monthly digital magazine, The Voice, and with our Vermont media partners, the Burlington Free Press,, Rutland Herald, and Barre-Montpelier Times Argus. Read more.
ACCESSIBILITY: YWP strives to be accessible to any young writer or artist who wants to join us, so we have made improvements to the accessibility and usability of our website. This includes:
  • Clear and contrast-free typeface, fonts, and colors
  • Alternative text and easier navigation for visually challenged users
  • Easier site navigation from menu button, three horizontal lines, top left
Please let us know if you have problems or questions about the accessibility features.

SITE HELP OR QUESTIONS: Contact Susan Reid, YWP executive director, [email protected]; (802) 324-9538

Great Artists
Great Poets

Questions? Contact Susan Reid, YWP executive director: [email protected]; (802) 324-9538; or message Reid@YWP on the site.

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