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Jun 30

The Foundations of Decay

Inspired by MCR's song "The Foundations of Decay."

a man can go to war
hurt hundreds of women in the field 
set communities aflame, burning history presently, 
separating families and generations from each other
and yet he receives a medal of honor
because he won the most important battle in recent American history
and he will have a holiday named after him
and he will be remembered for his glories forever
while a woman who's a single mother
with two kids and a dad out of the picture,
less than $30k a year, working her hands to the bone
at the expense of others
covered by bleach during the day and the oil of the pole during the night
selling her body to put food on the table because
she has nothing left in her apartment that people will want
her relatives won't help because she's turned to the devil
so as she works herself to death 
so her kids can have a better future than she did
her reputation precedes and nothing protects her.

and so
he gets to die a saint
but she will always be a wh*re