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Mar 20
poetry challenge: Great Poets
crisscross's picture


Sometimes I lie on the bathroom tile when 
the apartment is too hot or the days too long. 
I don’t claim to be a cynic, but I could be. 
Bury me in Greece, before I have to outlive my friends
And watch my legs slowly stop working.
My grandfather met his wife from a
newspaper clipping. I’m not my blood,
although proud to have it in my veins. 
If the earth stopped right now
Would I be flying forever into space
Or smashed against pink ladybugs and skeletons?
If I could afford it, I would have a house on Squam lake,
But live on the water. Don’t ask me questions, 
rather hold me by the nape of my neck
and drag me where you’re going.
Since 2019, i’ve been running
from something. I lost my mind along the way
but gained consciousness. I wish the world would work
Like how it's supposed to. I’ve always been a good thinker
And I excelled at getting frightened. To tell the truth,
I have way outgrown my batting gloves. 

In the style of CD Wright