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Mar 20
opinion challenge: Movies
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Cocaine Bear Review

Movie: Cocaine Bear
Age Rating: R
Rotten Tomatoes: 68%
Audience Score: 72%
My Rating 1-5: 5

Ever since I heard about Cocaine Bear, it sounded like a movie I would like and wanted to watch. My friends and I set out to watch it a few days after it was released in theaters. We all found the movie to be very good, and I thought it was excellent, being one of the best movies I have ever seen. Every scene of the movie was fun to watch, even when the movie was just getting started. The whole movie was very exciting and had lots of plot twists and variety. I found it very funny when the bear was chasing the kids and the park rangers, so one of the kids and one of the park rangers decided to climb up a tree and then said, "bears cannot climb trees," and the bear started to climb the tree. While the movie did contain a lot of gory scenes, it was not too much, and most of the time, it was more funny than gross. I do not think the movie will have a sequel for several reasons. One, it was based on an actual event, so it would be hard to create a second movie, and two, the ending was very satisfying, so I do not think it needs a sequel anyway. If there were to be a sequel, I do not think it would be anywhere near as good and would probably end up like the movie Jaws where the first movie is good, and the rest of the movies are just average and unneeded.
I think the movie exceeded the Rotten Tomato score, and I do not think it is accurate. The movie is set out to be a thriller full of action and gore, and I believe that the movie meets the expectations that it claims. The movie is unpredictable, which keeps the watcher on their feet, is funny at times, and contains a horror component that makes the movie so entertaining. The only reason I could think of the movie getting a lower score than it should be that a lot was happening. The movie contained two plots, a mom trying to get her kids out of a cocaine bears state park and drug traffickers trying to regain their lost cocaine. A lot was going on at times, but that also helped keep the movie going at a quick pace which I liked. 
Each character, significant or not, added to the overall experience of the movie. Some characters seemed tough, like the police officer, but you could tell that inside, he was a sweet person, and I found it funny that he had a small white dog with lots of fur. Even though it was not a significant part of the movie, it added something that made it funny, especially at the end when the dog ate somebodies fingers. I thought that the movie's creators did an outstanding job, and while the movie might not be for everybody, it is definitely for me.
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