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Mar 14

The Extinction Project

The Willow Project is a multi-billion dollar oil drilling project in Alaska.
The federal government plans to release 629 million barrels of oil and produce 287 million metric tons of CO2.
This project is extremely harmful to the environment and all the animals living in Alaska.
Half of these species are already at risk of extinction, and due to this project, over half of them will most likely be wiped out.
This oil drilling will cause even more climate change and damage to our Earth and environment.
President Biden has recently just granted approval for the continuation of this project to secure jobs for those living in the area.
Although many will receive jobs from this harmful project, the conditions they will be living and working in will become extremely polluted and dangerous. 
Our planet needs our help, and we are not providing for its needs.
We are doing the complete opposite.
If we continue to treat the world like this and act as if these animals do not have families of their own; if we continue to act as if we are above any of them, nothing will be fixed.
This is their home too, and we are continuously trashing it without even realizing.
We need to take a stand.
We need to save our planet.
We need to save our lives.