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Mar 14
opinion challenge: Movies

A Review: Yes Day

Movie: Yes Day
Tomatometer: 51%
Audience Score: 43%
My rating (scale of 1-5): 2.5

I'm older than the target audience for this movie, so that could be part of why I found it really corny and boring, but I think it could have been better done. It seemed to just be taking classic, already overused tropes and not introducing any new ideas. I can see why kids ages 7-10 would like it, but for a 13 year old it just really fell flat. There were also a lot of plot lines that were never continued or resolved, and some scenes did nothing to help the storyline move along and were just really boring and dragged out. It's an ok family movie and has good actors, but the writing/quality is mediocre. Besides, the whole point feels a bit off--sure, it's annoying for kids, but it's just a parent's job to say no when their kids want to do unreasonable things. I also can't really imagine actual parents agreeing to have a Yes Day--well, at least my parents definitely wouldn't. The characters also were really stereotypical kids...we have our token bratty, disaffected teenge girl (Jenna Ortega, I'm sorry, but I much prefer you in Wednesday), hyper, kinda nerdy 10-yr-old boy, and sweet but mischeivous 6-yr-old girl. The parents were okay characters but just had no depth. Not to mention the lame attempts at humor--the writers were trying so hard to make it a funny movie that it turned out as anything but. Maybe I'd have liked it better if I were younger when I watched it, but I really doubt it would have been one of my favorites even then. I only watched it because it was on at my friend's house and I decided to give it a try--otherwise, I don't think I would have.