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Oct 31
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Binary principles have always been
                                                        ingrained in our culture of hypocrites and actors. It’s 
Snow White and the Evil Queen, then
Harry Potter and Voldemort, Katniss and
President Snow. 
versus evil.
Black versus
Just versus 
Introvert versus extrovert, boy versus girl, unattractive versus attractive, wrong versus right ...
But what about the people,
                                     places, concepts, 
that aren’t either?
What about the ones who are in-between?
What about the ones who change?
What about the ones who are both? 
My question is, 

are people 
going to see 
the world
in Color?
See that people and our earth aren’t a grayscale, no, they're a mix of hues, 
bright reds and deep blues and
fathomless greens,
sun-bleached yellows and 
pale violets. It’s not perfect, nothing is perfect. No one side of an argument is without flaw, no one decision only has positive consequences, 
everything is painted in shades of values that shift with

time and

place and 

feeling; why have we ever seen it fit to tell someone they are

just one

              or the other?