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Jan 21
fiction challenge: Secret
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The Forbidden Secret

Absolutely no one can know, I can’t tell anyone. 

It feels like my head is splitting, I know something, something I shouldn't know. 

Something I wouldn’t know if I had just decided to ignore the spark of curiosity in my mind. 

Let’s start over, 

   My name is Annabeth Petterson, I am a 16 year girl, and I have a secret. No, not a normal secret like who I like or who I am inviting to my party afterschool, this secret is so, so, so much more important. In fact, life will change entirely for anyone who has this knowledge, and unfortunately, I am one of them. 

    Last Wednesday, after school, I was waiting for the bus to drop me home. The sky was streaked with colors like tangerine, cotton candy, and crimson. It was a day like any other, that is, until I saw something. Well, something, or someone. I couldn’t tell, I only saw a silhouette on the sidewalk, it arrived and left just as quickly. At first I thought it was simply a fragment of my imagination. I should have just let it go, but I didn’t. Maybe I decided to investigate because something didn’t feel right, or maybe just because I was bored. Regardless, I still got up and headed away from the bus stop. After walking for an uneventful couple of minutes, I decided to head back to the bus stop. Then I saw it again. This time the shadow clearly belonged to a person, who should have been right behind me! I turned around but I didn’t see anyone. This doesn’t make sense, how can there be a shadow, if there is no person? I thought. I was so confused, who does this shadow belong to? Little did I know that my question would soon be answered. 

     Acting like my “way too curious”  self, I continued to investigate. Something felt wrong about where I was - the trees were swaying, but there was no breeze. There were animal sounds, but there were no animals. Despite this, the atmosphere didn’t feel eerie and dangerous, but more mysterious. As the final rays of the sun set, the whole place became illuminated. From the leaves on the trees to the blades of grass on the ground, everything was sparkling. Now I don’t mean sparkling like when you dump glitter on the floor, but more like, glowing. I strolled through the mystifying landscape totally lost in wonder. As I gazed up at the millions of glittering spots in the sky, I lost my footing and slipped into a black void.

    The next thing I knew, I was standing in a room with at least 30 people all wearing the same swamp green pollo, tan pants, and jet black cloak. My first instinct was to hide. I ran behind a column which appeared to be inspired by Roman architecture. As I racked my brain trying to figure out where I was and what had happened, I realized that the reason I wasn’t able to see a person with his shadow was because the person wasn't behind me but below me. I surveyed the room. It looked much more sophisticated than what I would expect for an underground room. The chamber was enclosed in walls the same color as the rays of a rising sun, all supported by columns with intricate details. The room was relatively bare with only a large table in the middle with multiple chairs surrounding it. The people appeared to be having a meeting. My curiosity flared as I tried to hear what they were talking about. At first, a man was talking about a fault in their reflective shield which keeps them hidden from the rest of the world,  that must be why I could only see one person’s silhouette on the floor. The conversation seemed fairly normal, so overtime I lost interest and continued looking for ways to escape. Then I heard it. The secret which I was not supposed to know of. Too shocked by what I had heard to remember what situation I was in, I let out a loud gasp of disbelief. By just one simple lapse of judgement, I had revealed my presence to a large group of strangers located in a room with no visible exit. I was found and forced to move away from my safe haven behind the pillar. I was frozen by fear and anxiety. Fortunately, no one had harmed me, nor did they seem to have any intention to. While their faces didn’t show hatred, they certainly weren’t friendly. I was forced to sit down in one of the chairs along the elongated table. That’s when I was told about the true dangers of the secret and how imperative it was to make sure that the knowledge did not get into the wrong hands. For this reason, I am not able to tell this secret to anybody, not a living soul. I can not even write about it, for the fear that my writing will end up with the wrong people, and destroy the course of life as we know it.

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