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Jan 03

Create a play!

Want to write a play? Want to impress your friends, your family, your cat, maybe even your dog? Want to get your words put on stage? Join us for the 2020 YWP/VYP Playwriting Workshop! 

For those of you who have done this with us in the past, you know how much fun it is, how exhilirating it is to have your play put on stage and how, for some of you, the experience has been life-changing. Really. You can do this workshop at your own pace; for consideration for the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival you have two months to work on it (March deadline) plays are due in two months to be considered for the Vermont Young Playwrights Festival in May so you'll have plenty of time; and along the way you'll get gobs of help, feedback and encouragement from me, several previous YWP playwrights and a few special guests. You'll be amazed, too, by the suggestions from community members. Join up by going to this link: Some logistics:
  • When you follow the link, click the JOIN button.
  • While you can start at any time, I'd love to have you join now or drop me a msg or email to tell me of your interest as soon as possible. And your fellow playwrights are getting started and need your help!