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May 25
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Art Installation

Outdoor art installation from the graduating eighth grade class at Crossroads Academy in Lyme, NH.

Mrs. Nadeau, Art Educator, Crossroads Academy, writes:

"Each year, students leave behind a Legacy Art Project to beautify our campus and have students leave their mark for future generations to enjoy! This year, the class of 2023 created a collaborative garden ART post. The post represents: the four seasons, our four campus buildings/landmarks, and a selection of Core virtue words supporting our character curriculum program. We installed the post after weeks of planning and preparation. Deciding on the final location to place the post and a finishing touch of a solar cap!"

Mar 06
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"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

Mar 03
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"Reach Up: Hope in the Night Sky"

-Reach Up-
Hope in the Night Sky

To those who are brave -  the blind they seek
      Call past a dark dancing - look up

A whisper, a strand, a sigh
      Find where the stars - hope
             Where it lies

To those who brave the mist
      Call - to churn the strands of fog -
Mist blinds the seeked in ravines - hopelessness 
      Where it lies

Weaving, spinning, thawing 
       Brave a storm of dark dancing, fog churning, sighs spinning. 
Find the hope - dwelling between weeping shadows. 

Reach up.  
      These speckles of light.
             They dance for you.

By Ella S. 

Mar 03
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"But Justice Was Denied"

“But Justice Was Denied” 

A song written in response to Dr. King's "Letter from Birmingham" 

They wished to be on equal land
Living together, hand in hand,
To be brave enough to defy commands
But Justice was denied.

    But Justice was denied
    With stubbornness and pride
    Through years and tears the people cried
    While Justice was denied

One hand was bound by chains
The other hand held the reigns
On and on the truth was stained         
As Justice was denied


Hear the final call
Before they lose it all
For if we don’t, we all shall fall
As Justice is denied


Justice has been delayed
And further we have strayed
Through many truths, the ropes have frayed
But Justice won’t be denied
Mar 03
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"One hundred years too soon"

Mar 03
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"If you know"

Mar 03
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"Wait has almost always meant never"

Mar 03
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"Equal Rights"

Mar 03
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"Moral Responsibility"