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Oct 18

What kind of world

What kind of world do we live in,
that when there is a shooting of one or two people,
it's small.
What kind of world do we live in,
that when the news says the president said something racist,
I'm not surprised.
What kind of world do we live in,
where we can't trust our doctors to give us the right amount of medicine,
and people die because of that.
What kind of world do we live in,
Where when there is a bombing in Syria that kills dozens of people
and all it gets is a brief mention on the news
because it happens everyday.
This is the kind of world we libe in.
A cruel world. 
But we also live in a world that is bright with hope.
We live in a world were equality is beginning to shine,
where we see injustice and we stand up and speak up about it.
This is the kind of world we live in.
A kind world.
And remember always,
before anything else,
Before there are shadows,
Oct 16

Just Don't

Don't treat others cruelly,
said my mother when I took away 
another childs crayon.
I was three.
Don't take things from strangers,
said our kindergarten teacher,
After a lesson on being safe.
I was five.
Don't stick your fingers into that thorn bush!
said my father, when we were walking 
home from the bus stop.
I was six.
Don't just stand there, unpack some boxes!
said my mother, after we had moved from 
Massachussets to Vermont.
I was seven.
Don't look the airport security dead in the eye, 
My father said, as we were 
trying to board an airplane to fly to Iran.
I was eight.
Don't say too much at border control,
my sister told me, as we were
crossing back from Canada to the US.
I was nine.
Don't cry, It won't be too long away,
Said my mother, as we moved again,
From America to Iran for a year.
I was eleven.

Oct 15


WInter is:
Looking outside realizing giant fluffy snowflakes
are slowly drifting down.
Winter is:
The snow slowly crunching underneath 
my boot-clad feet.
Winter is:
The snow angels,
where your butt-print is more
visible than anthing else.
Winter is:
Shoveling the driveway in the bitter cold,
your pants freezing to your legs,
Because the snow plow doesn't do driveways.
Winter is: 
When you realize that all the color you have seen in the past few months
is grey and white and grey and white and ohhh did I mention grey?
Winter is:
When you realize, the snow has melted into snow
and it squishy underneath your boots instead of crisp,
and you realize winter is over.
And then you miss winter,
because you never miss anything until it's gone.
Oct 15

Land of Gold

They came with eyes filled with hope,
They said the streets were made of gold,
But all I see is the cracked pavement 
underneath my feet.

They told us everyone was welcome,
wealth abundant, war nonexistent,
But all I hear are the gunshots,
of the cruel people,
who do not understand our fate.

They told us we could talk and pray,
without being afraid,
But all I can think of are the looks 
they give us when we cover our hair.

They told us we could have a home here,
But all I can seem to feel is me
             Being dragged away. 
Oct 15


A blank sheet of paper,
holds so mamy choices.
An adventure,
Epic love, or tragic death,
You could change the world,
or simply make it into a paper airplane,
to fly at the back of the teacher's head.
You could write an apology 
or a forgiveness,
A letter of war,
A treaty for peace,
You could cause a death,
or give a life,
You could enslave people,
or give them freedom,
You could trap your heart,
or free it.
You could simply write a poem.

Oct 15


Maybe I shouldn't have let you in
Maybe I shouldn't have let you see me 
in a way that nobody else has 
Maybe I shouldn't ahve let you see the scars,
That make up my heart in a frayed patchwork.
Maybe I should have stood my ground,
but we both know that I give out too often.
Maybe I shouldn't have been afraid
that anyone would hurt me,
because that is how you grow.
Maybe I could have been more bold,
More outgoing,
More fun,
More perfect,
Maybe I would have completely dissapeared,
The way other people wanted me to be
swallowing me up,
like a shadow eating the owner.
Maybe I shouldn't have let myself hate,
because the hate eventually turned in towards 
And most of all,
in the future,
when the sun finally
finds it's way through to my life,
through the grey dark cloud that's blocking it,
Maybe I'll love myself for me.
Oct 15

It's Funny

What am I doing here? 
Where all this niceness is a formality,
And all this niceness is so fake,
It's funny.
I do not want to know what 
is wrong with your life,
when you can't count your blessings. 
And I put on a fake smile,
just like the rest of them,
straining at the corners of my eyes.
And now I see that you're the 
spoiled one that I could never be,
and its funny, because you have the
privelige and the class and the skin
that I can never have, 
Yet you don't realize it.
But yet I built myself up,
ignoring the haters 
while you complained about them.
Taking every chance,
trying to keep myself on top,
moving on quickly,
and most of all never letting anyone
hurt me, never at all,
building up the walls around my heart,
perfected my smile,
but I disrupt their ideals,
don't apologize when I stand up for something,
Oct 07

Nice Girl

You know what,
I'm tired of being told to
stop talking,
smile more,
be polite,
you're too forward,
don't speak your mind,
always be mindful of how you sit,
take more pride in how you look,
get your nose out of a book,
Make friends,
be happy,
always be okay,
sit up straighter,
pull down your dress,
wear a dress,
never talk back,
don't speak up
for what you believe in.
Because for a girl this is reality,
what we live with everyday,
those who don't conform with societies idea of
nice girls, good girls
and what is society going to do about that?
They're going to repress us
stifle us,
choke all of the bad ideas.
But you know what?
IF you tell me to be a nice girl,
I won't.
Oct 07

Steel walls

The steel walls close in on me,
cold and unforgiving.
My reflection cold and distorted,
feeling blood trickle out of my mouth.
the scientists in their white lab coats,
being poked and prodded.
The memories flashing by,
like a whisper of wind.
But it hurts,
It hurts to remember.
why can't I remember?
what is wrong with me.
shaking trembling,
with every second goes another piece of sanity,
I can't last much longer here,
with the cruel men and women
who kill me a little bit each day as a part of their routine.
They don't think I am human, I can tell.
But when I look into their eyes one last time and see only
cold sharp edges there,
when the light in my eyes finally goes out,
it is they who are not human.
Sep 27


Why are there the kids who do all so well in school
who should be celebrated,
but instead they are shunned as nerds.
There are the people whose creativity is exploding above them,
but they are cast aside as artsy fartsy.
There are the people whose music defines them,
and their silver tunes enchant the ears,
But apparently they are band geeks.
There are the kids who love
roleplaying games and can get lost in a
world of their own,
But they are geeks,
don't you know?
And then there are the people
who are SO athletic it's crazy,
we call them jocks.
And then there are the people who do ALL
of these things,
and we call them perfect.