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Aug 07

A Dance of Chaos

A storm is brewing in the dark sky.
Dancing with the trees, the wind sighs,
Always stuck in a elaborate dance,
as beautifully intricate as a royal scheme. 
Painting the scene in a white light, 
the divine lighting takes a stance, 
as rain pelts violent, raging streams.
Clouds block the sun, creating a false night.
This story is one full of chaos, 
though, from afar it is quite serene.

Aug 04

Will It?

Will the rain wash away-
the ash of today?
Water reflects the land-
that's fragile like sand.
Do you really understand?
Will the promise of tomorrow,
keep the world from sorrow?
Or must we continue to borrow,
from what isn't ours?
All of the days short hours,
will be gone in the blink of an eye. 
Soon the moon, will be high in the sky. 

Aug 03

Time Slips Away

The ancient moon
has many stories to tell,
though the sun takes the bell.
Years feel as if they slip by
like sand in an hourglass.
Day turns to night, grass 
turns to leaves, as fall lies
on your doorstep, though,
in the south, winter rules, casting
the land in ice, as snow begins to grow.
As time goes by, the land is forever changing. 
Fearing nothing, winter engulfs everything.
When fall leaves, and winter knocks on your door, 
you’ll feel as if summer leaves too soon.
Jul 22
poetry challenge: Five Words


The calm before the storm,
presents the huge swarm, 
of clouds that cover the river.
Warning those on the land-
of the storm that’s brewing.
The frozen, undisturbed sand-
looks as if it was spun from sugar. 
The storm refuses to falter, 
as it rains down on the beautiful flowers, 
The wind’s full of laughter, as it showers-
the land with light rain as the trees sway.
Curious nymphs watch the storm, 
their attention never straying-
from the roar of thunder, as lighting forms. 
Jul 21
poetry challenge: Lightning

A Serene Tempest

When the summer days
get dry and boring,
the wind strikes up a storm.
Though there’s many ways-
to tell if a storm is brewing, 
the most prominent one is the swarm-
of dark, hazy clouds that sit above-
the busy, chaotic land. Although,
the unexpected thunder is loud,
it can bring peace, like a dove. 
As lightning strikes a land free of snow,
the thunder roars in the labyrinth of clouds.
On the land, where it’s free of sand,
the rain begins to turn the once dry soil- 
into mud, as a river rages nearby. 
Though, it seems the world’s in turmoil,
it is just another day in the middle of July.

Jul 13


Photos; they capture memories,
moments, too, that you cherish,
keeping them preserved forever.
A fond moment stuck in time?
Now stuck in colorful ink on paper.
A memory you’ll soon forget?
Months, years, decades later,
It’s still there, reminding you of —
a fond memory that’s one of many —
that you’ve slowly forgotten. 
A sunset so beautiful, that’s unlike any other?
In a photo, its beauty is preserved, 
in a portrait, painted by the light. 
Photos; they remind you of the good,
and sometimes, the forgotten. 

Jul 09
poetry challenge: Start-End

The Things I Love

I love the beautiful stars,
that I cherish so much.
I love thunder storms,
that I listen to so intently, 
I love the peaceful sea,
that I enjoy so much.
I love the warm sun,
that I live happily under,
I love the gentle moon,
that I watch slowly change.

Jul 09
poetry challenge: Love

Always & Forever

I’ll always be here for you,
sunrise to sunset,
new moon to full moon,
fall to spring,
summer to winter, 
solar eclipse to lunar eclipse,
No matter what, I’ll always be here.
Although, I may not show it often,
I love you the way-
I love the beautiful stars,
that I cherish so much.
Jul 05


Jul 05

The Midnight Sky

Out of all of the stars in the sky,
You’re the only one who caught my eye. 
You shine brighter than the rest,
though, this feels like a cruel test, 
I’ll always find a way back to you,
and every word I speak is true, 
I can always promise you that,
no matter where you’re at,
I’ll always find a way back to you. 
And, out of all the stars in the sky,
You were the one to catch my eye.
You seemed to shine brighter than the rest,
and now I know it was a cruel test, 
I have never felt so blue,
but what I felt was always true,
and no matter where you may be,
I’ll always look for you, towards the sea.