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Sep 22

Anthology 13: The Video!

Meet some of the writers and artists who are published in Anthology 13! Listen to their readings and interviews! Many thanks to everyone who participated in this video. Special thanks to videographer and YWP intern Sam Aikman for creating and producing the video!


In the summer of 2022, Sam Aikman traveled from town to town across Vermont and spent hours on Zoom, meeting and interviewing many of the writers and visual artists published in Anthology 13. The result is this wonderful video! Thank you Sam!

Sam, 18, is known on the YWP site as Love to write. She is from Richmond, VT, and is currently a freshman at Pratt Institute in New York. Sam joined Young Writers Project in November 2017 and was a key member of the YWP community, a prolific and talented writer and photographer, and an encouraging and supportive friend to other YWPers. 

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